Tiny Banya

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Hire Banya for your Sauna Fitness and socialising with people that matters

Traditional Sauna Fitness (comes to you)

Pause the time, unwind, restore and reinvigorate with Tiny Banya’s professional Sauna Fitness program that utilises traditional steam therapy from Eastern European.

You will be inhaling natural aromas and professionally steamed with Veniki (leafy tree twigs) to activate blood flow, increase detoxification and muscles relaxation to a level you did not experience before. We will also help you to embrace heat and challenge yourself with cold, socialise and, after all, experience deep relaxation the natural way. Even though at times your heart will be racing you will still feel relaxed.  This is what we call “Sauna Fitness”. And if you wish to go extra, special body scrubs can be applied to cleanse your skin.

Sauna heals everything (the old wisdom says). Tiny Banya’s authentic Sauna Fitness will restore your energy flow, recharge and reinvigorate the whole body and mind!

Order our Sauna Fitness program to complement your regular healthy lifestyle. In Eastern Europe it is recommended that everyone has at least one extensive sauna session per week to stay fit and healthy.

What’s included:

  • Tiny Banya hire at your premises,

  • 3-4 hours of professional sauna treatment the Eastern European way,

  • Special body steaming with eucalyptus leafy tree twigs (Veniki),

  • Skin cleansing with body scrubs (optional),

  • Plunge ice bath or natural cold water immersion,

  • Organic tea from Belarus,

  • Rest area outside Banya,

Suitable for sport recovery, yoga retreats, family or friends gatherings and even team building for a group of up to 10 people.

Price: $395

Our sauna treatment can also come with professional massage. Remedial, sport recovery or relaxation (Swedish). Ask us for more details.

Tiny Banya day hire

This is for those who is familiar with sauna culture and would like to create your own bathing with family and friends. It is a new level of connection that can inspire deeper conversations and bring that unique quality of time together. Don’t rush, just relax and connect with important people in life.

Hire Tiny Banya for a day at convenience of your own home or place you enjoy. We will deliver it to you, set it up, fire up, and pick up after the event. You don’t need to worry about the hustle. Just enjoy the experience!

What’s included:

  • Tiny Banya hire for a day (10 am till 6 pm)

  • 6 beach chairs for resting

  • Organic tea from Belarus

Price: $395

Our sauna experience can also come with professional massage. Remedial, sport recovery or relaxation (Swedish). Ask us for more details.

Extras that can be added on demand:

  • Veniki (eucalyptus leafy tree twigs) - $10 each

  • Gazebo (3x3 meters) - $40

  • Inflatable Recovery Sports Ice Bath (ice is not included) - $20

  • Massive 10 people glamping tent - $200

Tailored Sauna Experience

Create your own sauna treatment with Tiny Banya at a place of your choice. Whether you are thinking of a rehabilitation after a sporting event, relaxed yoga retreat, team building or even to induce steam for your nature camping simply talk to us and we can make it happen.

We collaborate with professional massage therapists, yoga teachers and run own natural movement exercise training. We also have a set of camping tools for hire with a featured 10 people glamping tent that can be brought and set up for you. This way we make sure that experience with Tiny Banya is tailored for individual needs!


Location requirements for Tiny Banya Hire:

In order for us to deliver the best and safe sauna experience the location where Tiny Banya can be used must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. There has to be an easy access in and out to the event location with a trailer from the road (for example: front yard of a house with clear open space).

  2. The parking spot for Banya should be flat and generally without an angle (small angle can be considered). 

  3. Currently we deliver banya within 50k radius of Perth Metro Area. For other options please contact us to discuss.

The proposed location needs to be approved before we confirm banya hire.