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Banya and Sauna Fitness

Tiny Banya is a Sauna on wheels that offers Sauna Fitness programs based on traditional Eastern European steam therapies. Banya’s distinctive features include a wood-fired stove, steam heat and a special body steaming technique using a bundle of leafy tree twigs called “venik”. Banya provides a different experience to the dry or contemporary infra-red saunas that are dominating Australian sauna experience today.

​The roots of Banya tradition goes back for many centuries and even now represents a significant part of Eastern European lifestyle. It is a place where people relax, reinvigorate and socialise with their friends and family. Our Tiny Banya is a modern version of the traditional Belarusian sauna but with a twist! We have made it mobile to bring the experience closer to you. As its original version, our Banya has wood burning stove with a modern addition of solar PVs for lights. So, we can power it up off grid anywhere, any time!

​Banya is proven to provide a range of health benefits which is often called “Sauna Fitness”. Hot body treatment especially mixed with exposure to cold (ice bath or cold swimming pool) builds healthy immune system response, exercises cardiovascular pathways, and generally makes you feel relaxed and joyful by taking away stress of the day.

​Order our mobile Sauna Fitness program at convenience of your home or place of your choice. Suitable for sport recovery, yoga retreats, family or friends’ gatherings and even team building. We also collaborate with yoga teachers and massage therapists to create exceptional experience for everyone.


About Us

Our mission is to promote Sauna Fitness, natural remedies, natural movement and good food as part of everyone's lifestyle. The way it used to be in many cultures around the world.

One of our creators Aleg is from Belarus possess first-hand experience of authentic Eastern European saunas and is happy to share his knowledge with you. He is also a fitness professional, experienced in natural movement training, cold adaptation, natural food, and holistic lifestyle choices.


"Banya fixes everything"

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