Dear Tiny Banya followers,


Thank you for your interest in our project and support. We have to let you know that our current location leasing arrangements do not allow us for continue with our services.


However, we are currently actively looking for our future permanent place to offer an exceptional authentic Eastern European sauna experience. Hopefully, it won't take long to greet you all again in our new Vëska of Health.


For now, please continue following us or we can come to you with our mobile Banya. Please inquire for more details.


One more thing to bring to your attention, we are also considering engaging with a sponsor or an investor to give our ideas a boost. If you are one of those sponsors or know someone please give us a buzz.

What is Banya

Tiny Banya brings traditional Eastern European sauna therapies and their natural healing benefits to Australia.

In Slavic culture, Banya is as a special place where four major nature’s elements align to heal and recharge human body and mind. They are water, fire, earth and air. There is also a fifth element in which the sauna master works with these elements and direct energy flow. Our sauna therapies focus on relieving mental stress and body tensions, build healthy immune system response, exercise cardiovascular pathways and generally, make you feel relaxed and joyful by taking away accumulated negative energy.

Banya’s distinctive features include a wood-fired stove, steam heat and authentic therapies using bundles of leafy tree twigs called “Veniki”. It is a different experience to dry or contemporary infra-red saunas that are dominating Australian today.

Visit us at Vëska of Health in beautiful Jarrahdale or book your personal sauna therapies at convenience of your home. Suitable for anyone as well as for sport recovery, yoga retreats, family or friends’ gatherings and more.

We offer:

  • personal sauna therapies (solely focused on you)

  • group bookings for a special occasion (girls retreats, couple’s getaway and more)

  • regular sauna therapy programs

  • special events

About Us

Our mission is to promote authentic natural remedies, exercise and good food as part of everyone's lifestyle. The way it used to be in many cultures around the world.

One of our creators Aleg is from Belarus possess first-hand experience of authentic Eastern European saunas and is happy to share his knowledge with you. He is also a fitness professional, experienced in natural movement training, cold adaptation, natural food, and holistic lifestyle choices.

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